Marc Blesoff

Marc Blesoff was a criminal defense attorney for 35 years. Eight years ago, he began facilitating Conscious Aging workshops. He says that has helped him melt the armor he’d built up as a defense lawyer. He’s a founding member of Courageus (formerly A Tribe Called Aging), which defines itself as a group of “activists and thinkers trying to understand and change our culture’s outlook, policies and fears about aging and dying.”

  • The Beauty of Our Own Impermanence July 14, 2023 by Marc Blesoff - Since my heart surgery last year, I’ve lost weight, I exercise daily and I am energetic and forward-looking. A few weeks ago, working out with a trainer, I did full squats on a balance ball, something I never even knew
  • I Think Aging with Intention Saved My Life March 3, 2023 by Marc Blesoff - We have a Berkey water filter in our kitchen, and it seems to be empty whenever I’m thirsty, so I’m used to filling it back up. It takes three full blender pitchers to fill it, and it’s just one of
  • Never Too Late for a Good Shave January 26, 2023 by Marc Blesoff - Last week I noticed that I was running really low on shaving cream and I made a mental note to buy some more. That reminded me of when and how I bought the almost-empty tube in the first place. It
  • Ageism: A Public Health Issue December 13, 2022 by Marc Blesoff - Smoking cigarettes causes cancer. Secondhand smoke does too. Most people read this and think, “Duh. Everybody knows that.” It wasn’t that long ago when people smoked cigarettes on airplanes. Do you remember when the people sitting at the table next
  • Can’t See the Stars During the Daytime November 11, 2022 by Marc Blesoff - I just finished reading a really good book, entitled Breaking the Age Code: How Your Beliefs About Aging Determine How Long & Well You Live (2022), by Becca Levy, PhD. I recommend it. It is about Levy’s groundbreaking research at
  • Old Is Beautiful September 9, 2022 by Marc Blesoff - Last month, Joni Mitchell performed a 13-song set at the Newport Folk Festival. It was her first time back to Newport in 53 years. It was her first, full-length, live set in over 20 years. It was her first public
  • Percolating Conversations June 21, 2022 by Marc Blesoff - One of the ongoing workshops that I facilitate is an all-men’s group. For the last several years, once a month, eight of us get together. Camaraderie, angst, disagreement and humor circulate around the general topic of aging. It is a
  • Aging behind Bars April 26, 2022 by Marc Blesoff - The United States has the largest prison population in the world. What’s that got to do with aging? you may ask. Well, people 50 and older are the fastest-growing segment of the US prison population, increasing 25 percent from 2009 to
  • We Can Teach This Old Dog New Tricks March 11, 2022 by Marc Blesoff - Over the past several months, I’ve had some tight, lower-back pain that has limited my mobility. Even after consulting my doctor and stretching, I just couldn’t shake it, so I decided to try something new for me. I’ve started to
  • Being with My Aging February 18, 2022 by Marc Blesoff - It is a poignant time of year and a poignant time of life. Aging can give us the opportunity to be aware of what we may have previously taken for granted. For me, the recent holiday season highlighted relationships and
  • Life Stories December 27, 2021 by Marc Blesoff - Five years ago, I scoffed when I heard older people comment about starting to read their local obituary columns. I smirked to myself as I wondered if they had anything better to do with their time. Recently, I was startled
  • So What If I’m Old November 16, 2021 by Marc Blesoff - Every so often, I have a flash of insight about my own internalized ageism. When it happens, I am both disappointed and pleased. To set the stage: I am driving to a doctor’s appointment at a major downtown medical center.
  • In the Land of Postadulthood October 15, 2021 by Marc Blesoff - Last month, I returned to the place where I grew up, to the lake where swimming had been banned earlier this summer. The cyanotoxins had cleared, so every morning I went for a swim and a kayak ride. This year,
  • Me and We August 19, 2021 by Marc Blesoff - A few weeks ago, my granddaughter and I took a summertime walk to the local market. On the way home, the afternoon sun was at our backs. In front of me, I saw the shadow of an eight-year-old girl and
  • Hours of Angst July 20, 2021 by Marc Blesoff - I was just this side of asleep. I was lying in bed, early morning, remembering my just-waking thoughts. I had realized two really good points regarding a thorny concept I’d been pondering for weeks. It was a breakthrough and very
  • The Old Normal June 11, 2021 by Marc Blesoff - Marc Blesoff was a criminal defense attorney for 35 years. Six years ago, he began facilitating Conscious Aging workshops. He says that helped him melt the armor he’d built up as a defense lawyer. He’s a founding member of A Tribe
  • Aging from the Heart May 22, 2021 by Marc Blesoff - Aging from the heart doesn’t happen to everyone, but it can. I think it’s happening to me.