About Us

The Silver Century Foundation is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2002 to promote a positive view of aging.

The foundation is shining a light on entrenched societal ageism. We challenge stereotypes, encourage dialogue between generations, advocate planning for the second half of life and build awareness to educate and inspire everyone to live long, healthy, empowered lives.

Our Vision

The foundation envisions a society where:
● We no longer fear our own aging.
● Viable social and working roles for older adults exist and are valued.
● People are taught how to plan for the middle and later years, not just for the tasks of early adulthood.
● Different generations respect and enjoy each other.
● Growing older is seen not as an inevitable decline but as the fulfillment of a whole life.

Our Work

The foundation encourages a positive and curious attitude about aging. No age denying here. We embrace the life experiences that have made us who we are and explore ways to sustain our vim and vigor throughout our lives.

We challenge people to really think about a subject most of us would rather ignore, because when we defy stereotypes and dispute assumptions, we can welcome—dare we say, celebrate—all aspects of growing older and, therefore, enjoy happier, fuller, longer lives.


By sharing information and experiences through our website, we strive to help people of all ages understand the myriad interests and concerns that affect us as we grow older.

Our Issues run the gamut from health and wealth to older adults’ living arrangements and the end of life. Our Blog shares the voices of scholars, activists and advocates who range in age and experience. Our Arts section offers curated selections of books and films that provide positive age perspectives rather than ageist stereotypes.


The Silver Century Foundation provides grants for projects that are building an age-friendly society where older people are a valued part of the mainstream. We fund ventures that:

● Combat ageism. We are particularly interested in countering negative stereotypes portrayed on screen and in the media.
● Help older people stay healthy and active. One of our primary focuses has been supporting strategies that improve community transportation.
● Identify financial insecurity in later years. We fund organizations that gather data on economic discrepancies as well as efforts to report these issues in the media.

The Silver Century Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for funding at this time.