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The Silver Century Foundation provides grants to efforts that combat ageism. We are proud to have supported these projects, among others:

  • The 2017 PBS documentary, Coming of Age in Aging America
  • The Senior Mentor/Home Visit Program at the Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  • The research that produced The New Jersey Elder Economic Security Index: Addressing Basic Needs

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KFF Health News

A New Medicare Proposal Would Cover Training for Family Caregivers

Experts say this is “long overdue” and would help protect older adults’ health and well-being.



  • It Ain’t Over - To many younger Americans, Yogi Berra wasn’t a Hall of Fame baseball player and a cog in the New York Yankees’ endless dynasty
  • Juniper - Injured and out of options, retired war photojournalist Ruth (Charlotte Rampling) recovers at her estranged son’s house in rural New Zealand.



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