Honest Aging: An Insider’s Guide to the Second Half of Life

By Rosanne M. Leipzig, MD, PhD – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2023

If you buy but one reference book this year, make it this one. Written by a trailblazing geriatrician with over 35 years of experience, Honest Aging aims to be your comprehensive guide to navigating the second half of life. It tackles aging head-on, offering realistic insights into the physical, psychological, functional and emotional changes you might encounter. 

The book doesn’t shy away from discussing the challenges and losses associated with aging, but it also emphasizes the opportunities and positive aspects. On each subject, the question of what’s expected in aging is addressed in layman’s terms, and there is a deeperdive section. It covers physical changes like hearing loss and mobility issues, psychological aspects like grief and identity shifts, functional changes like managing daily tasks, and emotional health in later years. It offers practical strategies for prevention, adaptation and maintaining well-being. 

Honest Aging empowers readers to take charge of the aging journey, equipping us with the knowledge, tools and outlook we need to navigate the second half of life with confidence.