The Ride of Her Life

By Elizabeth Letts – Random House Publishing Group, 2022

In 1954, at age 62, Maine farmer Annie Wilkins was told that if she took it easy, she likely had two years to live (her diagnosis: terminal tuberculosis). Her moral and physical fortitude and her unfailing optimism allowed her to take the news in stride. She declined the offer to live in a county rest home (she lost her farm to back taxes) and sold what little she had left. Annie bought an aging horse named Tarzan and, along with her beloved mutt, Depeche Toi, rode west to fulfill a lifelong dream to see the Pacific Ocean. The Ride of Her Life shares the remarkable story of Annie’s journey, detailing all the surprises, hardships, joys, mishaps and extraordinary human kindnesses she experienced along the way. Without a map, GPS or cell phone, Annie traveled 4,000 miles through all kinds of weather, engaging with people you wish you could meet. This true story, sure to cement your faith in humanity, is a life-affirming tale of a woman living out her days on her own terms.