The Bubbe Diaries: true tales of grandparenting

By Paula Span—Audible Originals, 2021

Veteran journalist Paula Span is known to many for her column in the New York Times, The New Old Age, where she writes about the challenges faced by our rapidly growing older population. In The Bubbe Diaries (2021, only available as an Audible book), Span gets personal, sharing her most recent job assignment: grandmother. (Bubbe is Yiddish for grandmother.) Span recognized there was no Doctor Spock for her generation’s grandmothers, so she writes about what she’s learned on the job and how much has changed since she was a first-time mother. She covers the way newborns sleep, what’s new in child safety, establishing expectations and setting boundaries, even potential issues with a daughter-in-law. This three-hour audiobook is informative for a prospective grandparent, and it’s delightful to be a part of Span’s new love affair with her granddaughter.