Very Pinteresting

Lonely? Can’t find your best girlfriends, not even on Facebook? Don’t despair; I know where they all went. They are on Pinterest (pronounced like interest, only starting with a p, pin-trest). 

What, you ask, is Pinterest? It’s sort of an online scrapbook, a single place to store all those random web pages of ideas you don’t want to lose but don’t want to print out. Pinterest works like a bulletin board. You capture an image and save, or “pin,” it.

Here’s how it works: open an account through an invitation from a current Pinterest user (ask one of your MIA friends!) or go directly to and ask to join. It could take a day or so for your account to activate. In the meantime, browse the public boards and see who is pinning. It’s free, fun and easy, so look around. Once activated, you can set up your virtual bulletin boards by using default category headings or invent your own. The boards might contain a theme, say, Recipes to Try, Holiday Crafts, Summer Reading…get the idea?

While you are scrolling around, you might see a few things (or 100 things) that catch your eye. I recently found a few organizing tips I love, so I saved them on my Tips and Trix board. I filed away a couple of items I’d love to have on my Dream Home board. You get to peek at what is catching other pinners’ attention—re-pin if you like! I am always a little honored when someone re-pins a gem I found.

My friend introduced her 70-year-old mother to Pinterest. Reluctant to try, she thought she’d have no use for it. But she was gathering ideas for her summer window boxes and saved them on her Pinterest board. A few weeks later at the Philadelphia Flower Show, she had some questions for an expert about planting time. She pulled out her smart phone with her Pinterest account enabled, showed him her ideas and got some valuable advice.

At first, my teenage daughter disparaged the idea, thinking it was for “older women.” (To a 13-year-old, that’s older than 25.) But I left my computer on and she noticed I had some springtime cupcakes pinned on my Company’s Coming board. Intrigued, she thought she might have a use for Pinterest, just for cupcakes. Or cupcakes and desserts. Or make that cupcakes, desserts and her bedroom redo. You can see how quickly a gal can become a convert—now I have to bump her off my computer.

I feel I should caution you: this site may awaken your inner hoarder. Your obsession may be so consuming that your partner may accuse you of having an affair. You may start pinning and following and forget to make dinner. OK, go on, join Pinterest at your own risk—but don’t say I didn’t warn you.