Children’s Books

Reading helps shape how a child views the world. When kids read books with realistic, positive, older characters and inspiring intergenerational relationships, they’re more likely to see older adults and aging in a favorable light. With this in mind, our recommended reads have something for everyone, from babies to early readers to teens. Our library often features older characters who vary widely in culture and personality. We see them as role models for younger protagonists, introducing new experiences, sharing a sense of history and guiding them through the complications of life with honesty and a sense of humor.

  • Night Wings Posted in: Ages 8 to 12

    Near Mount Washington in New Hampshire, a gangly, 13-year-old, Native American boy moves into his grandfather’s trailer because his parents are soldiers now deployed to the Middle East. The boy’s American name is Paul, but Grampa Peter addresses him as Piel, his Abenaki name. Read more…