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The Silver Century Foundation provides grants to efforts that combat ageism. We are proud to have supported these projects, among others:

  • The 2017 PBS documentary, Coming of Age in Aging America
  • The Senior Mentor/Home Visit Program at the Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  • The research that produced The New Jersey Elder Economic Security Index: Addressing Basic Needs

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How much do you know about aging?

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Health News Roundup

Liz Seegert shares the latest medical research, legislation and breakthroughs that can make a difference in your  life.

Health experts are talking about…

…how drinking coffee may help us live longer.
…strategies for managing chronic pain.
…why having a regular doctor is important.

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  • Unforgiven - This is the masterpiece that escalated Clint Eastwood’s rise into the cinematic pantheon.
  • Tokyo Story - Director Yasujirô Ozu’s domestic drama unfolds slowly; its emotional impact is timeless.



Children’s Books

  • The Hello, Goodbye Window - A preschool-age girl explains that she has named her grandparents’ cheery kitchen window the Hello, Goodbye Window because it’s where everyone says hello and goodbye.
  • Rules of the Road - By Joan Bauer - Penguin, 1998  “Somewhere long ago in this country it was determined that after 65 a person’s brain is no longer capable of making business decisions. I think that is