Time to Retire Jokes about Age

Time to Retire Jokes about Age
We may be living longer but in a culture obsessed with youth, we confront ageism earlier in life than ever before, Marilyn Gardner observes in this article. Today, employees charging age discrimination in the workplace are typically still in their 40s. Gardner, a former staff editor and writer for the Christian Science Monitor, has written sensitively about work, marriage, families, aging and many other issues. Now retired, she’s writing a book. Her article was printed in the Monitor in 2004 and is reprinted with permission from the Christian Science Monitor.  Read more...


What Is Old Age For?

What Is Old Age For?
Old age is humanity's greatest invention, and on an even deeper level, it invented us. Old age transformed the way our most distant ancestors gave birth, reared their young, lived together, and fed themselves. Later it propelled the development of culture, language, and society.  Read more...


Looking for a Happy and Satisfying Old Age? Four Paths You Can Travel

Looking for a Happy and Satisfying Old Age? Four Paths You Can Travel
Imagine that researchers could tell you how to plot your way to a satisfying old age. Would you listen?  Read more...


Trading the Porch Rocker for Poetry: How Tim Carpenter Is Inspiring Creative Aging

Trading the Porch Rocker for Poetry: How Tim Carpenter Is Inspiring Creative Aging
When you’re talking to Tim Carpenter about how he envisions the future of old age, at some point it strikes you: he’s talking about older people as … people. They’re not “seniors.” They’re not “the 62-and-older crowd.” They’re not … other.

And this makes you think of how often older people are automatically pictured in a rocking chair. When you say 82-year-old, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds doesn’t seem to be painter, writer, student or mentor.  Read more...


Betrayed by an Author

Betrayed by an Author
Why wouldn't I read a memoir by Joyce Carol Oates? She is a widow, as am I, she lives nearby, and books from her prolific writing career have graced my nightstand frequently over the years. So I bought a copy of A Widow's Story: A Memoir. It seems odd to say that I looked forward to reading the intimate details of her grieving, but I did eagerly await this particular memoir, even if the sharing of our grief was to be one sided.  Read more...


Beating the Age Barrier in Online Dating

Beating the Age Barrier in Online Dating
A wedding announcement in the New York Times recorded the happy pairing of a couple who met through America’s Test Kitchen. He had founded the TV show and hired her ten years earlier. He was 62; she was 37. The announcement ended with this paragraph:
Both say they have never really given much thought to the difference in their ages. “Others may have concerns, but we don’t,” he said. “I’m in love with someone who sees the same potential in the universe as I do.”


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