Ageism Can Endanger Your Physical and Mental Health

Ageism Can Endanger Your Physical and Mental Health
Accomplished, enlightened, learned, sage and wise? Or confused, decrepit, incompetent and declining?

The language used to describe aging, the way people talk to and about seniors, matters. Ageism can hurt your health, research shows. Shedding negative stereotypes and embracing positive attitudes now can help make life better as you get older.  Read more...


Why Older People Don’t Register as Organ Donors—and Why They’re Sorely Needed

Why Older People Don’t Register as Organ Donors—and Why They’re Sorely Needed
Sally Jacobson had about a month to live.

A few months before, she’d been tired, sure—not feeling so great. But she was bustling along, balancing work and family in Grand Forks, ND. Then she got some great news: a promotion at work.  Read more...


Three-Generation Households: Are They History?

Three-Generation Households: Are They History?
Nestled within the American psyche is a nostalgic image of a three-generation household: an older couple sitting by the fire with grandchildren playing about their feet while the children’s parents look on fondly. Yet in the 21st century, so few families include live-in grandparents that some social critics have accused Americans of abandoning the older generation. Surely, they scold, grown children usually took in their aging parents in the past.  Read more...


How Long Are You Likely to Live?

How Long Are You Likely to Live?
In the United States, life expectancy at birth is 79. Some people won’t live that long while others will survive much longer. What are the odds you’ll make it to 80? To 100?  Read more...


May Day Surprise

May Day Surprise
“Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other, gold.” —Girl Scouts

We are often reminded of the importance of keeping social as we age; isolation has proven to be hazardous to healthy aging, while friendships engage and stimulate us. I am fortunate to have longtime friends as well as newer ones. I have two friends from grade school who have been dear to me for 50 years. Every summer we meet for lunch to catch up and to recharge those life-shaping memories.  Read more...


Regarding Alzheimer’s

Regarding Alzheimer’s
An empty shell. Doesn’t know who he is. Violent. Doesn’t recognize family members. Unable to communicate. The negative stereotypes and exaggerations of Alzheimer’s disease abound.  Read more...


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The Silver Century Foundation promotes a positive view of aging. The Foundation challenges entrenched and harmful stereotypes, encourages dialogue between generations, advocates planning for the second half of life, and raises awareness to educate and inspire everyone to live long, healthy, empowered lives.

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"It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgment; in these qualities old age is usually not poorer, but is even richer."

Cicero (106-43 BC)