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The Silver Century Foundation provides grants to efforts that combat ageism. We are proud to have supported these projects, among others:

  • The 2017 PBS documentary, Coming of Age in Aging America
  • The Senior Mentor/Home Visit Program at the Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  • The research that produced The New Jersey Elder Economic Security Index: Addressing Basic Needs

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Federal Help Falters as Nursing Homes Run Short of Protective Equipment

From poor quality to no shipments at all, the crucial supplies nursing homes need to protect residents and staff during the pandemic are sorely lacking.



  • Two Weeks - When cancer-ridden Anita Bergman submits to hospice care, her four adult children reunite in suburban North Carolina to help temporarily and to say goodbye permanently.
  • Youth in Oregon - Retired physician Raymond (Frank Langella) has had enough. He’s tired of burdening his family. He’s tired of having old age chip away at his virility.



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