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Stories about aging are seldom front page news – except here on the SCF web site. Mostly, mainstream newspapers and magazines either fail to cover issues that have to do with aging or bury those stories on inside pages. Yet they’re fascinating – and ultimately they will affect every last one of us. We will front-page them for you here in our News of the Aging Globe section with frequent new postings. We’ll link you to the best stories we can find from newspapers and magazines around the world, covering everything from the latest scientific research on longevity to reviews of films that feature older characters. You’ll read about innovative housing for seniors, new knee or hip replacement techniques, elders who are in some way role models for all of us, and much, much more.

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“'Too Old' or 'Too Young'; Stop Judging by Age”

“Age Before Beauty is True View”

“Red Flags for Hereditary Cancers,” Correction Appended

“In New York City, Two Versions of End-of-Life Care”

“Dental Implants Preferred Option for Aging Bridges”

“Old Franchises Never Die; They Just Fade Away”

“When Hostility Melted for the ‘Funny Accent’”

“McCain Proves Longevity Matter of Health, not Age”

“Wait, How Old Are You?”

“An Aging Senate Contends with Time and Illness”

“Older Brain Really May Be a Wiser Brain”

“Trying to Break Nicotine’s Grip “

“Zoomers Need to Stop and Think”

“New Advice for Surgery on the Knees”

“WAIST; Watch Your Girth”

“Muscles: More Than an Exercise in Vanity”

“Skin: Applying a Balm to the Years”

“Call Your Mother”

“Novelists look at men's virility through the years”

“‘Redefining 50’ challenges notion of middle age”

“Young dances through aging”

“States Look to Rein In Private Medicare Plans”

“For Physician Assistant, Empathy Goes Two Ways"

"For the Elderly, Being Heard About Life’s End"

“Study Finds Number of Fat Cells Doesn’t Change”

“Why I Wrote ‘Redesigning 50’”

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Our Mission

The Silver Century Foundation promotes a positive view of aging. The Foundation challenges entrenched and harmful stereotypes, encourages dialogue between generations, advocates planning for the second half of life, and raises awareness to educate and inspire everyone to live long, healthy, empowered lives.

Notable Quote

"It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgment; in these qualities old age is usually not poorer, but is even richer."

Cicero (106-43 BC)